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Thermal Block™ - Heat Shield

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Thermal Block: 12" x 24" Heat Shield

Does your newly restored vehicle send heat through the firewall and floorboards once the engine gets going? Keep engine and exhaust heat away from the vehicle’s cabin with an OEM approved heat shield. Thermal Block strips are very flexible and can withstand up to 800 F. Composed of highly reflective foil and insulating PET fibers, just face the foil side towards any heat source to redirect radiant heat and substantially reduce heat transfer.


  • Highly reflective aluminum surface designed to face a heat source (choose between smooth or knurled finish)
  • Each heat shield is 1/8” thick and 12” x 24” (2 Sq Ft)
  • Weight: 0.175 pounds per square foot
  • Reflects 98% of radiant heat
  • Withstands up to 800 F
  • Treated for water, solvent, mildew, gas/oil, coolant, engine fluid, and flame resistance
  • Made in the USA

The "No Fold", 4 sheet, and 10 sheet options ship flat in a 12" x 24" box. The "Folded" option is delivered folded over inside of a mailer.


Product Usage

  • Quick fix for automotive thermal hot spots such as the fuel tank, fuel line, brake line, spare tire, and underbody heat shields. It's also commonly used as a firewall heat shield.
  • Always face Thermal Block’s aluminum side towards the heat source. This product will not be effective inside your car’s cabin.
  • Allow space for air flow. At least 2 inches is required, but more airflow will improve your heat control.
  • Thermal Block can be installed on top of Damplifier Pro vibration mats.
  • Make sure you prepare the surface to remove oils, dirt, dust, and grease. Just peel and stick. We recommend an outside temperature of at least at 65 F to ensure adhesive works properly.

Recommended Install Locations

  • Firewall - engine side
  • Hood - entire lid
  • Back seat wall - for cars with engines in the back
  • Air intake box
  • Should be applied anywhere there is a heat source, facing the heat, with a 2" air gap.
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