Jeep Wrangler Road Noise Reduction

Jeep Wrangler Road Noise Reduction

Author: Sturgeon Christie

Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Read Time: 5 Minutes


Sturgeon Christie

Last Updated:

February 9, 2024

Read Time:

5 Minutes

Author: Sturgeon Christie

Updated: Feb. 9, 2024

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Jeep Wranglers started as wartime personnel vehicles during WWII. After the war ended, many veterans came back to civilian life. They wanted to continue driving these durable off-road vehicles, so the civilian Jeep was incarnated, eventually leading to the modern day Jeep Wrangler. These were the first mass produced 4 wheel drive civilian vehicles, and are the most popular off road SUVs to this day.

The Jeep Wrangler is an incredibly durable all terrain vehicle, but there are several complaints owners have, most notably, how loud it is. Fortunately, we know Jeep owners love to modify their base vehicle and are all-in on accessories and upgrades. Soundproofing is just another modification you have available to you! This article will cover how to reduce noise in a Jeep Wrangler and make driving these rugged SUVs a much more peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Reducing Jeep Wrangler Cabin Noise

Road sounds such as engine noise and wind are big annoyances for Jeep Wrangler owners. The vehicle is not known for its quietness, so it is not surprising that many owners of these sturdy SUVs are looking for soundproofing materials. Another one of the main sound issues in a Jeep Wrangler is the metal cabin. The metal parts will vibrate, creating structural noise. Luckily, reducing the sound of a Jeep Wrangler is relatively easy. Here are our top recommendations for materials to use for soundproofing.

Wrangler Soundproof Materials List:

  • Spectrum Spray Liquid Sound Deadener: Our easy to install spray deadener is the best solution for structural noise in your Jeep Wrangler.
  • Luxury Liner Pro: Luxury Liner Pro is a thick layer of mass loaded vinyl fused with closed cell foam. This product acts as an auto sound barrier to block airborne noise and is a perfect solution for reducing road noise in your vehicle.

Step One: Apply Spectrum Spray Liquid Sound Deadener

Spray our Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadener on the metal parts of the floor, cabin-side firewall (you can also do the engine side firewall to double up!), inner and outer door, wheel wells, and the undercarriage. Spectrum Spray On Deadener is waterproof, rustproof, and is an awesome sound deadening material for stopping structural noise. Whether you spray it on or brush it on and whether you apply to the interior metal or the exterior, Spectrum will make a huge difference in stopping the metal from vibrating. Apply the deadener in 2 or 3 coats, with around 1mm of thickness per coat.

Step Two: Install Luxury Liner Pro

Luxury Liner Pro is our best performing automotive sound barrier. The mass loaded vinyl is incredibly dense and effective at blocking noise, while the close cell foam helps to decouple hard surfaces. After spraying the liquid sound deadener, the next step is to install Luxury Liner Pro on the floor, cabin side firewall, and trunk of your Jeep Wrangler with as close to 100% coverage as possible for the best results. This product will greatly impact your vehicle's noise reduction, especially when it comes to engine, tire, and road noise.

Both Luxury Liner Pro and Spectrum Spray Liquid Sound Deadener come in our Offroad Vehicle Package, so if you want to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler, this package is made for you!

Reducing Jeep Wrangler Tire Noise

Let’s spend another second on Spectrum in the wheel wells, because this is one of the most common treatments we see with a Jeep Wrangler. While using a combination of Spectrum Spray and Luxury Liner Pro will block sound from coming into the cab, you may still consider wheel well sound deadening as well to reduce the amount of sound further. The most effective way to reduce tire noise in a Jeep Wrangler is to spray Spectrum Spray Liquid Sound Deadener directly on the metal wheel wells. And just like with the cabin, spray on the Spectrum Spray in 3 separate coats, with 1mm of thickness per coat. It only takes 2 gallons, and you’ll see an average drop of 3-5 dB!

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Offroad Vehicle Kit

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The BEST Way To Reduce Noise In A Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wranglers are a fun vehicle that is also very practical for those that need a 4 wheel drive or want to do some off-roading. These classic SUVs are durable and can pretty much drive on any surface. But if you are looking for a quiet, comfortable vehicle, you’ll likely need to work on soundproofing your Jeep Wrangler a bit. The experts at Second Skin have compiled a list of the best possible soundproofing solutions for your Jeep Wrangler below.

  • Spectrum - 160 sq ft (8 gallons) - Apply (3) 1mm layers directly to the metal in all 4 wheel wells, the floor, firewall (cabin side or engine side), outer door skin, inner door frame, hood, and undercarriage
  • Luxury Liner Pro - 81 sq ft (9 sheets) - Apply as second layer on cabin side firewall, floor, and cargo floor
  • Mega Zorbe - 24 sq ft (12 sheets) - Apply as a second layer in each door cavity
  • Mega Block - 16 sq ft (4 sheets) - Apply to the hood to provide better thermal and sound absorption
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Popular Jeep Wrangler Road Noise Soundproofing Materials

Spectrum™ Liquid Sound Deadener
Luxury Liner Pro™ Automotive Noise Barrier
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