Sink Soundproofing Kit

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Damplifier Pro™ Sink Soundproofing Kit

Is the clang and clatter of silverware and dishes in your sink driving you (or your staff) crazy? Those loud metal vibrations are an easy problem to solve with Damplifier Pro. Formulated for extreme automotive applications, there is no better solution for reducing noise from your sink to a dull thud. Reduced stress and peace of mind are an easy peel and stick project away!


Product Information

  • Silence residential and commercial sinks with as little as 25% coverage of Damplifier Pro
  • Engineered for extreme NVH so you can do more soundproofing with less material!
  • Easy peel and stick application. Roll on with provided hand roller.
  • Proudly made in the USA

Damplifier Pro Sink Soundproofing Kit

  • Choose the size of your Sink Soundproofing Kit based on the size of your sink and desired coverage (25% minimum coverage, 60% recommended before diminishing returns kick in)
  • We recommend wearing gloves and cutting the Damplifier Pro with a utility knife if needed
  • Ensure the bottom of the sink is clean before applying. Clean with denatured alcohol if needed.
  • The provided hand roller will improve performance by creating a strong bond with the metal!

As an alternative application for soundproofing a sink, choose our Spectrum Liquid Deadener which can be applied in 1mm layers with a paint brush. (2mm total thickness recommended)


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