Radiant Shield™ - Reinforced Foil Heat Shield

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Radiant Shield Thermal Barrier

The Second Skin Radiant Shield is an extremely flexible thermal reflective barrier designed for easy-to-install heat protection. Protect painted surfaces, plastic parts, improve performance, and prevent vapor lock by protecting  from radiant heat. Radiant Shield is an extremely effective addition to metal heat shielding or as a standalone car heat shield for any part of the vehicle. Simple peel and stick to install onto any surface or to wrap around a hose or a wire.


  • Flexible, aluminum reinforced fabric with adhesive backing
  • Radiant heat shield reflects 98% of radiant heat and is temperature rated from -40°F to 1000°F
  • High-heat acrylic adhesive temperature rated from -40°F to 400°F (intermittent to 450°F)
  • Chemical resistant, temperature resistant, and flame resistant
  • Each sheet is 0.02” thick and 1' x 2' (2 sq ft)
  • Extremely Lightweight: 0.083 pounds per square foot
  • Made in the USA


Product Usage

  • Cuts with scissors
  • The reinforced foil should be placed on the substrate you want to protect with the foil facing the heat source.
  • Clean the application surface with denatured alcohol to remove any grease, oil, and other particles.
  • Adhesive backing is excellent for metal and high energy plastics. Can also be installed with rivets and a washer in extreme heat situations. Simple adhesive backed magnets can be used in a low-temperature install where you may want to remove the heat shield later.
  • Install on top of any material with a lower temperature rating that you want to protect from radiant heat, such as closed cell foam or MLV.
  • Keep at least 2" of clearance from the heat source. Edges can be protected with foil insulation tape.
  • For thicker materials that include an insulating backing, check out Mega Block or Thermal Block.

Automotive Install Locations

  • Transmission and exhaust tunnel
  • Wiring looms and air conditioner hoses
  • Intercooler pipes, air intake manifold, or as a cold air intake heat shield
  • Fuel tank, fuel lines, and other spot undercarriage treatments
  • Under the seat of a motorcycle