Sound Lock™ Gasket Tape Door Seal Kit

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Sound Lock Gasket Tape Door Seal Kit

The Sound Lock™ Gasket Tape Kit includes a Sound Lock™ Bottom Seal and the Sound Lock™ Gasket Tape to seal the entire perimeter of any solid core door. With our Gasket Tape Kit, you can expect to add up to 15 STC points, significantly reducing sound transfer through an existing door with our most budget friendly door soundproofing kit! This product works best on hardwood floors.


  • This kit contains enough material to soundproof a standard, solid-core door. For a 34" x 80" door, you will have leftover gasket tape.

  • Sound Lock™ Automatic Bottom Seal: Anodized aluminum with neoprene seal

  • Sound Lock™ Gasket Tape: 3/16” x 3/8” x 25 FT peel and stick gasket seal tape

  • Increases solid core door STC rating by up to 15 points

  • Durable and economical for door soundproofing

  • Automatic drop mechanism will soundproof the gap below the door panel

  • Easy-to-apply peel and stick gasket tape will seal the door perimeter

  • UL fire rated

  • Sound Lock™ Bottom seal drops onto any hard floor surface w/o a threshold (no carpet!)




 Bottom Seal Width   28" to 36" 
 Gasket Tape Dimensions   3/16” x 3/8” x 25' 
 Thickness   1/2" 
 Weight   5 to 10 lbs 
 Color   Silver 
 STC Rating   Up to 15 



Installation Instructions

  1. Confirm that your door is a solid core door. The Sound Lock™ Bottom Seal will not work on a hollow core door.

  2. Open the door.

  3. Measure the width of the door panel from left to right. Write your measurements down.

  4. The Sound Lock™ Bottom Seal should only be cut a maximum of 2”. For example, a door that measures 31" wide should get a 32" bottom seal.

  5. The bottom seal should drop 3/8” to the floor below.

  6. Inspect your door and identify where your gaps are located. Are your gaps along the door frame itself, the door jambs, or both?

  7. Measure your door frame along the hinge side and the latch side jambs or along the door frame itself. Write down your measurements. Go back and double check them. 

  8. Measure your Gasket Seal Tape out according to the measurements of your door frame. 

  9. Peel and stick your tape along the gaps so that your solid core door is 100% sealed.

  10. Use more Gasket Seal Tape at your discretion to achieve a 100% seal.



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