CelluZorbe™ HD Backer Board

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CelluZorbe™ HD Backer Board is a budget-friendly panel rated for both STC and NRC. This recycled material is environmentally conscious and perfect for applications needing both soundproofing and sound absorption.

Bulk discounts available. Save per panel at 14 and 28 panels.
Covers 8.0 SF

CelluZorbe™ HD Backer Board 

CelluZorbe™ HD Backer Board is the most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to supercharge an existing barrier by adding both STC and NRC. Combine the backer board with drywall, wood, or dropped ceiling tiles to substantially reduce noise transfer. If you have room-to-room noise and a dropped ceiling, your rooms are basically boxes without a top! Put a cap on all the rooms in your office with the recycled CelluZorbe™ HD Backer Board!



  • 24" x 48" x 1/2” backer board that's easily applied to wood, drywall, or ceiling tiles
  • Recycled cellulose fibers for acoustical and thermal treatment
  • Apply to any surface to increase STC (15) and add NRC (0.50)
  • No itch insulation board w/ 13# density
  • R-value 3.8 per inch (1.9 for 1/2" board)
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Eligible for LEED credits
  • Easy to install and remove




 Dimensions   24" x 48", Ceiling tiles are 23.75" x 47.75"  
 Thickness   Nominal 1/2" 
 Weight   4.25 lbs
 Color  Natural
 Cuttable   Yes, in the field or in our shop 
 Itch & Irritation   None




 Spec Sheet   CelluZorbe™ Product Sheet 
 Architect CSI Specs 

 CelluZorbe™ Wall Panel CSI Spec 
 CelluZorbe™ Ceiling Panel CSI Spec  

 Install Guide 

 CelluZorbe™ Install Guide (P329 Spray Adhesive) 
 CelluZorbe™ Install Guide (Construction Adhesive) 


Material Testing

Sound Transmission Class (STC)

 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   STC 
 1/2" Celluzorbe™ HD Backer Board   12  14 13 14 17 21 15


Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   NRC 
 1/2" Celluzorbe™ HD Backer Board   0.05   0.09   0.33   0.64   0.87   1.01   0.50 


 Tested Properties   Testing Method   Performance 
 Fire Rating   ASTM E84  Class A
 Thermal Resistance   ASTM C518  R-Value: 3.8 per inch 
 Corrosion Resistance   ASTM C739  Pass
 Fungal Resistance   ASTM C1338  Pass
 Moisture Absorption   ASTM C739  Pass
 Low VOC   ASTM V1.2  Pass



Installation Instructions

  • Cut (if needed) with utility knife and T-square or table saw. 
  • Either lay on back of existing ceiling tile or adhere with spray adhesive (3M Super 77 or comparable). 
  • Replace ceiling tile in drop ceiling grid.



Common Product Uses

  • Excellent for acoustical backer with soundproofing properties.
  • Best budget friendly and environmentally friendly Dual benefit acoustic and soundproof panels.
  • Can use in your commercial office as a ceiling tile.
  • Use behind front layer of absorption, like Timberwool™ Wood Wool Panels.
  • if you have budget friendly sound absorption needs, consider our CelluZorbe™ Cellulose Acoustic Panel.


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