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How Much Does it Cost to Soundproof a Wall

Author: Eric Dellolio

Last Updated: February 9, 2024

Read Time: 4 Minutes


Eric Dellolio

Last Updated:

February 9, 2024

Read Time:

4 Minutes

Author: Eric Dellolio

Updated: Feb. 9, 2024

Read Time: 4 Minutes

Take a look at our breakdown of the cost to soundproof a wall. We cover different products you can use and the cost per square foot for each product. After the table we'll cover the best products to use in combination with each other, and which methods you should not take to soundproof a wall.

Material Est Cost/Sq Ft Material Needed for 30' x 8' Wall Cost for a 30' x 8' Wall
Acoustical Sealant
$16.99 per tube
85 LF / Tube
Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl
$2.50 - $3.50
300 sq ft of 1lb MLV
Green Glue
15 Tubes
RSIC Clips
55 clips (16" OC) or 45 clips (24" OC)
25 Gauge Hat Channel
$1.00 - $1.25
120 LF
5/8" Drywall
$0.40 - $0.60
8 Sheets (4' x 8' per)
Soundproof Drywall
8 Sheets (4' x 8' per)
BlocknZorbe Sound Panels
30 Sheets (2' x 4') - 2" Thick

Before we get into the actual cost to soundproof a wall, first we need to be clear about what soundproofing a wall means. Soundproofing means to stop sound from traveling from our space to another. It does NOT mean to reduce echo and reverb inside of a space (those are acoustical treatments). The internet has a lot of “fake experts” who regularly recommend acoustic materials for walls to do a soundproofing job. If you listen to this advice, you will be disappointed in the results and the cost will be even greater when you have to redo the job.

But lucky for you, you found Second Skin Audio! So you will be able to learn the cost to soundproof a wall using actual soundproofing materials.

How Much does it cost to soundproof a wall

The actual material cost to soundproof a wall will vary drastically depending on the size of the wall and the labor required. To give you the best information possible on soundproof wall cost, we will mostly be focusing on the cost of the materials and how much it would take to soundproof a 30’ x 8’ wall. You can find this breakdown at the top of the page

These soundproofing materials can be used in a variety of combinations to deliver top end soundproofing results. The total cost will depend on your STC requirements and any complexities inherent in the project. We’ve listed several commonly used wall soundproofing methods below, and you can check out our article on how to soundproof a wall, and soundproofing existing walls if you want to learn more.

    1. Green Glue + 5/8” Drywall on top of Existing Drywall
    2. Mass loaded vinyl + 5/8” Drywall
    3. RSIC clips + 5/8” Drywall
    4. RSIC clips + 5/8” Drywall + Green Glue + 5/8” Drywall

The cost of labor depends on where you are located. For a small job, a handyman should be able to do the work you need. Depending on where you are in the USA and the handyman’s experience, the cost should be between $40 and $150 per hour. An independent contractor will likely be on the lower end of that range, whereas a handyman at a company likely will be at the higher end. If you have a larger job, you’ll need to contact a contractor to get a quote specific to the project.

What should i avoid buying when soundproofing a wall

We mentioned it in the introductory paragraph, but you should not use acoustic material for a job that requires soundproofing. Sound absorbing material will not stop sound from traveling from one space to another. You must actually use the soundproofing material as you barrier and then seal that barrier with acoustical sealant to block sound.

  • Acoustic Panels – Nope. These are sound absorbing and for echo control. Do not use.
  • Acoustic Foam – Absolutely not. Foam does not block sound. Reverb only.
  • Acoustic Anything Else – Just stop it.
  • Soundproof Paint – read the description of the paint carefully. Most are designed for acoustics or to stop vibrations, not soundproofing a wall.
  • Hanging Anything on the Wall – Is it a dense, airtight barrier you can install with 100% coverage? If not, you should pass.

If you made it to here, and you have more questions or just want help with a quote for your project, please feel free to contact us. For more areas of a room, check out our guide on the cost of soundproofing a room. We’re happy to help you build a customized plan to soundproof you wall, room, or whatever other noise might be bothering you!

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