Jute Insulation

Automotive jute insulation is OEM style insulation made from durable natural fibers. Car manufacturers use natural jute fibers because it’s durable, environmentally friendly, and lightweight. Some estimates indicate the increased use of jute has decreased vehicle weight as much as 30%.

Jute insulation is an above average sound absorber and resists heat transfer. Each recycled cotton fiber is treated for mold, mildew, and pest resistance to improve resilience. Jute can be used throughout the car to add heat insulation, often being the material of choice for projects with large surface areas like the rear storage of a sprinter van or camper van.

Second Skin’s Heat Wave Pro jute insulation is a lightweight and long-lasting foil faced insulation blanket. It’s Class A fire rated, and contains no harmful materials like fiberglass, so it will not cause skin irritation. Heat Wave Pro is an excellent decoupler that you can use behind the car’s plastic paneling or under a noise barrier like mass loaded vinyl. Because of Heat Wave Pro’s double-sided foil layer, it also can be used as a car heat shield and will protect from air currents and excess moisture.