EcoVerb™ Roll - Acoustic Liner

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EcoVerb™ Roll - Natural Fiber Liner

EcoVerb™ Roll is one of our most cost effective options for sound absorption and thermal insulation in a large spaces, like gyms, warehouses, clubs, gun ranges, HVAC liners, van conversions, and more! They're made from recycled cotton fibers so that means you don't have to worry about itch, unlike fiberglass! 



 Shipping Details

 Partial Roll Cuts   Each roll will be measured then cut with a utility knife. 
 Quantity 1-3   Each roll will be cut in half and shipped in (2) boxes. 
 Quantity 4+   Ships LTL freight on a pallet. 


** Handling and shipping fibrous materials may slightly compress the material. After hanging or mounting, the material will uncompress. **



  • Recycled, natural cotton fibers provide excellent acoustic and thermal performance
  • Cost effective acoustical backer and liner for perforated metal or wood acoustical systems
  • Absorb sound in HVAC ducts to reduce sound traveling between rooms (reduces "air rush" duct noise)
  • Often used for sound absorption in large rooms instead of acoustical panels (creates a "blackout" ceiling)
  • Natural fibers add effective and healthy insulation to a van conversion
  • Lightweight, flexible, and no-itch
  • Compliant with fire safety standards (NFPA 90A, NFPA 90B) and building codes (ICBO, BOCA, CABO, SBCCI)
  • R-Value per inch: 4.0
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Proudly made in the USA 




 Dimensions   4' x 100' (1/2"), 4' x 50' (1"), 4' x 25' (2") 
 Thickness   1/2", 1", or 2" (Nominal) 
 Density   1.5, 3.0 
 Color   Marble blue with black protective facing 
 Thermal Resistance (R-value)   4.0 per inch




 Spec Sheet   EcoVerb Roll Product Sheet 
 Architect CSI Spec 

 EcoVerb Roll CSI Spec 



Material Testing

Noise Reduction Coefficient

 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   NRC 
 1/2" EcoVerb™ Roll Liner   0.04  0.11  0.26  0.54  0.70  0.83  0.40
 1" EcoVerb™ Roll Liner   0.07   0.33   0.72   0.99   0.93   0.96   0.75 
 2" EcoVerb™ Roll Liner   0.35  0.94  1.32  1.22  1.06 1.03  1.15 








Installation Instructions 


Large Room Ceiling

  • Go with the 2" thick version of EcoVerb rolls. The 2" EcoVerb™ is the most absorptive and is the best bang for your buck when rolling out a large amount of material on a ceiling.
  • Apply the EcoVerb™ Roll liner with the black finish facing outwards to give the ceiling a blackout look.
  • Recommended Install Method: Stick Pins



  • Choose the correct thickness! If the liner is too thick, acoustics material will impede airflow. Small ducts (less than 10") should use the 1/2" thick liner. Larger ducts (12" x 12" or more) should use the 1" thick version. Commercial ducts (18" x 18" or more) use the 2" thickness.
  • For additional sound absorption, oversize your ducts (no more than 30%) to allow space for a thicker liner.
  • Install the EcoVerb™ Roll acoustic liner with the cotton side facing the inside wall of the duct. The black liner faces out towards where air is flowing. The facing protects the absorptive cotton fibers from airflow.
  • Recommended Adhesive: 3M Super 77 or equivalent



Common Product Uses

  • Roll EcoVerb™ Roll Liner out onto a wall or ceiling in a large room for a "blackout" look that blends well and adds excellent sound absorption (gyms, churches, bars, nightclubs, gun range soundproofing)
  • Line cargo area of Sprinter Van conversions with 2" EcoVerb™ Roll Liner for excellent sound and heat insulation
  • Line HVAC ducts with acoustical liner for air duct noise reduction and reduce heat gain/loss
  • If you do not have full access to the HVAC duct, installing EcoVerb Roll Liner as far down as your arm can reach in each duct will still reduce noise by at least several decibels. If additional sound reduction is needed, contact us for details on how to build a baffle.
  • For a standard acoustic panel with color options, check out our EcoVerb™ Cotton Fiber Acoustic Panels.



Contact us if you have questions!