Peterbilt Cab Soundproofing

Peterbilt Cab Soundproofing

Here at Second Skin, we understand your semi-truck is your business. You spend long hours inside and deserve the comfort of a quiet ride and uninterrupted rest. Proper soundproofing can help improve sleep, mood, work production, and ensure a safe delivery. Gone are the days when semi truck cabs were stripped down to the basics and designed to avoid regulations. Modern semi trucks are designed to be functional for the driver and comfortable for as long as the haul may take. But there are still plenty of big rigs out there that don’t meet the comfort expectations of a Second Skin vehicle. The good news is we have all the soundproofing materials and tools you need to make your Peterbilt truck quiet and comfortable so you can enjoy the ride!

Types of Noises in a Peterbilt Cab

Peterbilt cab soundproofing has never been easier. Soundproofing and insulating your Peterbilt is very similar to most other vehicles, but everything is bigger with a semi truck. The engine is more powerful, the road noises are louder, and the vibrations are more intense. There are two different types of noise you want to stop to quiet down the cockpit area. The first kind is structural noise. Structural noise is energy coming from the tires on the road and into the semi truck. It travels through the metal as vibrations, which are eventually released into the air which you hear as noise. To stop structural noise, you have to stop the vibrations. Next is airborne noise, which is a lot of engine noise (but also tire and road noise). And your Peterbilt has quite the engine! Because of the size and power of a semi truck, the noise level is just naturally higher which leads to a greater need for soundproofing.

Our Recommendation: Soundproofing a Peterbilt Cab

We have three essential recommendations that will significantly increase the comfort level in a Peterbilt. These three recommendations help deaden the structural noise, as well as blocking and absorbing the airborne noise in the vehicle.

Step One: Damplifier Pro Sound Deadening

The first product you need is Damplifier Pro, which is a peel and stick product you aply to the metal roof, floor, and doors to stop structural noise. The Damplifier Pro sound deadening mats can be installed within door panels, over floor panels, and under the roof. Damplifier Pro’s is unmatched in how well it stops those structural vibrations, which is absolutely key for a semi truck where mediocre performance will be even more noticeable. Stop the vibrations, you stop the noise.

Step Two: Use Luxury Liner Pro

The second product you need to soundproof your Peterbilt semi truck is Luxury Liner Pro. Luxury Liner Pro is a mass loaded vinyl product that will to stop airborne noise from coming through the floor and firewall. A dense sound blocker is the only way to keep out diesel noise, tire noise, road noise, and any other airborne sound waves making their way into the cockpit. Luxury Liner Pro works best when installed on top of a sound deadener, which makes it the perfect addition to the Damplifier Pro. The two materials installed together will greatly improve the soundproofing and comfort in the driver’s cockpit area, reducing the noise level by 10+ db and adding excellent protection from engine heat.

Step Three: Mega Zorbe

Third, Mega Zorbe should be installed as a second layer inside the door cavity and on the roof. Mega Zorbe is a hydrophobic melamine foam which has incredibly good acoustic an thermal properties and is commonly recommended for sound deadening car doors. Those sound absorbing properties will help quiet down your drive by absorbing sound that’s already inside the truck. It’s also an excellent insulator that you can use on the roof above the headliner to reduce transfer of heat in and out of the room – keeping the warm air in, or out, depending on the season. This two layer approach on the roof will keep you comfortable, and put less strain on the heating/cooling in your semi truck.

Investing in some Second Skin isn’t just an investment in your semi truck, it’s an investment in your comfort and productivity during hours on the road. Our materials are the best at what they do, so you can be your best too. We’re here to help you improve your truck’s comfort! For more specific trucks, check out our Freightliner hood sound deadening tips, and for general semi truck soundproofing information, read our article on the topic. Reach out anytime if you have questions or just want to talk through your plan!

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