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Soundproof Box Kit - Wood or Metal Enclosure

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Little machines can create a lot of noise. When building a soundproof box or enclosure, high-performing soundproofing materials will make a big difference in the final results. There are two keys to an effective soundproof box: (1) use mass to block the noise (2) keep the box as airtight as possible. The challenge is to follow those soundproofing rules while ensuring adequate airflow and ventilation.


No matter the type of box, Second Skin materials will help you get the job done!



Soundproofing a Metal Enclosure

Metal enclosures are most commonly found in vehicles. These enclosures transmit substantial amounts of structural noise and are often too thin to effectively block airborne noise. Damplifier Pro is a very high performing sound deadening mat (no asphalt, tar, or cheap fillers) to damp the structural vibrations. Luxury Liner Pro is dense mass loaded vinyl fused to decoupling closed cell foam. The foam decoupler is key for an effective automotive noise barrier.


Install Strategy: 60%-100% coverage with Damplifier Pro is recommended on either the interior or exterior metal of the box. 100% coverage with Luxury Liner Pro is required. Install Luxury Liner Pro on the outside of the box (so that it's not hanging upside down) with our contact spray adhesive or super strong acrylic tape. Seal seams and edges with foil tape. Never cover any vents or exhaust holes.


Expected Sound Reduction: 15-20 dB



Soundproofing a Wood Enclosure

Wooden enclosures can be either a generator shed or plywood box. With airtight construction and 1/2" thick plywood, these enclosures should already be cutting generator noise by about 20 decibels. If further soundproofing is needed, start by checking to ensure your box is as airtight as possible. Any unnecessary air gaps should be eliminated. Necessary holes and vents should face away from living spaces. Mega Zorbe is an aerospace grade, hydrophobic melamine foam installed inside the enclosure to prevent the buildup of reverberant noise off the box's walls. Mega Zorbe is a pretty awesome material for a generator box with its high temperature rating (350°F), Class A fire rating, water resistance, and sound absorption properties. Luxury Liner is a 1lb per square foot mass loaded vinyl to add weight and mass to the wood walls, increasing your wall density by 50-100% depending on the type of wood.


Install Strategy: Luxury Liner is installed across the entire wood wall or between the wall studs with as close to 100% coverage as possible using screws with washers. Seal the seams and edges with foil tape or acoustic sealant caulk. Do not cover any vents or exhaust holes. Ensure a 1 foot air gap between MLV and heat source. Mega Zorbe is installed inside the enclosure with 50% coverage in a checkerboard pattern. For best sound absorption, you need to be diligent to ensure the side edges of the foam are exposed and it really does look like a checkerboard (90% results with 50% of the material). 

Expected Sound Reduction: 6-12 dB


If you don't want to mess around with two materials, a great substitute is BlocknZorbe multi-purpose sound panels. They block sound, absorb sound, and are easy to screw into a wall. 


How to Calculate Square Footage Needed


Step 1: Determine if material will be installed on interior or exterior walls of the box. For metal boxes in a vehicle, the answer should be exterior. For wooden enclosures with at least 1 foot of airspace (or very good ventilation), the answer is likely interior.

Step 2: Measure length/width of all box faces that will be soundproofed.  Do not plan to cover any vents or exhaust holes. Soundproofing materials should not be installed on the floor with the generator resting on top.

Step 3: Add up the square footage measurement of each side of the box to get your total square footage.



Metal Enclosure Kits

Small (36 sq ft)

Medium (80 sq ft)

Large (120 sq ft)


Wooden Enclosure Kits

Small (36 sq ft)

  • Mega Zorbe (50% coverage) - 20 Sq Ft (5 sheets, 24" x 24" each, 1/2" thick)
  • Luxury Liner - 36 Sq Ft (4 sheets, 24" x 54" each, 1/8" thick)

Medium (80 sq ft)

  • Mega Zorbe (50% coverage) - 40 Sq Ft (10 sheets, 24" x 24" each, 1/2" thick)
  • Luxury Liner - 81 Sq Ft (9 sheets, 24" x 54" each, 1/8" thick)

Large (120 sq ft)

  • Mega Zorbe (50% coverage) - 60 Sq Ft (15 sheets, 24" x 24" each, 1/2" thick)
  • Luxury Liner - 126 Sq Ft (14 sheets, 24" x 54" each, 1/8" thick)


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