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Boat Engine Compartment Insulation Kit

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Boat Engine Compartment Insulation Kits

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Second Skin Boat Insulation Kits have all the materials you need to annihilate unwanted engine noise and get back to relaxing on your boat. No more yelling required when friends and family need to SIT DOWN or GRAB THE ROPES the next time you idle your way up to the dock. Add (or replace the old!) insulation in your engine compartment, and cut the noise level at the same time.


Our insulation kits are designed to work whether you have a doghouse or a full engine compartment. Start with a layer of Damplifier Pro to stop the structural noise due to the compartment vibrating. Use the foil tape to seal the seams and protect from water. Finish off with a layer of Heat Wave Pro or Mega Block to insulate and absorb/muffle the engine noise. Seal edges again with the foil tape to extend the material life as long as possible. Results range from 4 to 8 dB reduction depending on the engine compartment's construction and how much material you use (30-50% of perceived noise). Pretty awesome for a project that takes a couple hours.


For your standard, curved Doghouse project, we recommend using one of the standard kits with Heat Wave Pro. It's more flexible and very easy to bend however you need. If your application is on a primarily flat surface (like the lid), Mega Block is a great upgrade option.


Expected Sound Reduction: 4-8 dB



Standard Boat Insulation Kits

Small Compartment (12 sq ft)

Standard Compartment (24 sq ft)

Large Compartment (36 sq ft)

These kits are ideal for a doghouse style compartment, and can also be used as van or RV engine compartment insulation for any vehicle's doghouse. 


Premium Boat Insulation Kits

Small Compartment (12 sq ft)

Standard Compartment (24 sq ft)

Large Compartment (36 sq ft)


Install Guide

Step 1: Damplifier Pro on the Fiberglass Doghouse

Clean the doghouse with denatured alcohol. Don't use degreaser or any cleaner that will leave a film behind, because it will negatively impact the mat's adhesion. Just cut, peel, and stick. It's easiest to cut any holes after you install the material. Damplifier Pro will stop the structural vibrations of the compartment itself to reduce noise.



Step 2: Foil tape the seams

Adding foil tape on the seams adds extra protection. Not required, but recommended.



Step 3: Heat Wave Pro as your insulator and sound absorber

Heat Wave Pro adds some much needed sound absorption to help further reduce engine noise. Think of your engine compartment as a box with sound reverberating around inside it. With Heat Wave Pro absorbing those sound waves instead of them bouncing off the hard surface, you have less build up and less overall noise escaping.



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