The Stomp Roll™ - Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring designed for durability and comfort. Perfect for gyms and anywhere else needing non-slip, cost-effective flooring.

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The Stomp Roll - Rubber Flooring Rolls

The Stomp Roll is rubber flooring designed for maximum durability and minimum acoustical vibration. We make this roll in a variety of thicknesses to meet any gym's needs. It's durability combined with a smooth, consistent finish, extremely mild odor, and ease of cleaning make it a no-brainer choice for gym flooring. And we make it right here in the USA from old tires! For smaller spaces, consider our 4' x 6' mats.




  • 100% recycled rubber (premium selected)
  • Best available combination of durability, performance, and appearance
  • Extremely durable for heavy abuse, but soft enough for daily comfort
  • Smooth and consistent finish
  • Non-slip and anti-fatigue surface
  • Very mild rubber smell (better than many alternatives)
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to clean
  • DIY-friendly install. Just roll it out!
  • Proudly made in the USA




 Dimensions   4' x 15', 4' x 25', 4' x 50'
 Thickness   1/4", 8mm, 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" 
 Weight per Sq Ft   1.6 lbs (1/4"), 1.9 lbs (8mm), 2.2 lbs (3/8"), 3 lbs (1/2"), 4 lbs (3/4") 
 Color   Black 
 Custom Lengths  Available on request 


Weight vs Thickness

 Thickness   1/4"   8mm   3/8"   1/2"   3/4" 
 Weight of 4' x 15' roll*   95 lbs   115 lbs   135 lbs   180 lbs   240 lbs 
 Weight of 4' x 25' roll   160 lbs   190 lbs   220 lbs   300 lbs   400 lbs 
 Weight of 4' x 50' roll**   320 lbs   380 lbs   440 lbs   600 lbs   800 lbs 
 How common is this roll thickness?   Niche   Very Common   Very Common   Common   Niche 
 Example Use Criteria  Treadmill   Standard Gym   Standard Gym   Standard or High Impact Gym   High Impact Gym 

*We recommend the 4' x 15' roll in 8mm or 3/8" for smaller home gyms, as rolls under 150 lbs can ship via FedEx Ground.

**Larger rolls are only recommended for commercial gyms installs. 



Material Testing



Installation Instructions

  • Clean the floor surface. The Stomp Roll will lay directly on top of your concrete or wood subfloor.
  • Start at one of the room and work your way across.
  • Cuts should be made using a T-square and a utility knife. Be careful with your cuts! You can always trim more.
  • The roll edges can be butted up next to each other and rolled out side-by-side.
  • For the last roll in a room, measure the remaining width at several locations to ensure the room is square.
  • Cut the roll width using the T-square and utility knife. Take your time! Don't cut on top of your other rubber flooring.
  • For full room installations, adhesive is not required. Adhesive is helpful for thinner rolls or partial room installs. Use double sided carpet tape around the edges of the roll.
  • Cleaning: For dirt and dust, sweep or vacuum. A damp microfiber mop and mild soap solution is recommended for periodic cleaning. Stomp Roll Cleaning & Maintenance


Common Product Uses

  • Home gym
  • Commercial gym
  • Basement floor
  • Playroom
  • Pet facilities
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Boat docks