The Stomp Mat™ - Rubber Floor Isolation Pad

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The Stomp Mat - 4' x 6' Noise Isolation Pad

Is that treadmill upstairs ruining your ability to binge Netflix in your living room? Or maybe you just want to protect your floor from weights and other exercise equipment? High performance floor soundproofing will reduce impact noise and protect your floor from damage. The Stomp Mat's high density, recycled rubber is engineered for the best combination of noise control and durability.



  • Sound isolation floor mat for reducing impact noise and protecting floors
  • Extremely durable for heavy abuse
  • Black recycled rubber held together with a poly-binder
  • Can also be used as a finished rubber floor. Also check out The Stomp Roll for larger spaces!



 Dimensions   4' x 6' (24 sq ft) 
 Thickness   1/4" or 1/2" 
 Weight   30 or 60 lbs 
 Color    Black 




 Spec Sheet   The Stomp Mat Product Sheet 
 Cleaning Guide   The Stomp Mat Cleaning & Maintenance 



Material Testing



Installation Instructions

  • Lay The Stomp Mat flat on the floor. For use under equipment or machinery, friction will hold the mat in place.
  • Multiple sheets can be butted up next to each other to cover larger areas. Cut with a sharp utility knife and a metal straight edge or a table saw. No adhesive is required, as the mats will hold in place with friction.



Common Product Uses

  • Drum sets
  • Treadmills
  • Exercise bikes and other equipment
  • Washer / dryer
  • Speakers
  • Pumps, motors, other machinery
  • Stages, risers, platforms
  • Will reduce structural noise from machinery or equipment by eliminating all vibrations (noise) transferred through the body of any adjacent structures
  • For larger spaces, check out The Stomp Roll (4' x 15' or larger roll sizes).



Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the 1/4" or the 1/2" thick Stomp Mat?

  • The 1/2" thick mat provides more sound isolation and is the recommended mat for significant vibrations or people who are "really working out" and may be dropping weights.
  • The 1/4" mat is half the weight and still provides excellent noise reduction. We often see it used under exercise equipment like a treadmill.


Should I ever use an adhesive?

  • The 1/4" thick mats are lighter and can slide around a little bit depending on the situation. The 1/2" thick mats are heavy and will not move.
  • If you plan to leave the Stomp Mat in place for multiple years, you may want to consider an adhesive. We recommend a double sided flooring tape (carpet tape) or an adhesive designed for rubber. Apply around the edges.