Quiet Quilt™ 2-Sided Barrier Blanket

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Quiet Quilt™ 2-Sided Barrier Blanket (Indoor ONLY)

Our Quiet Quilt 2-Sided Barrier Blankets are a great way to share a room without sharing the noise. They’re quick and easier to install than putting up a wall and reduce noise on both sides of the barrier. If you relocate, you can take them with you! We also have other types of sound blankets available.  


 Color   Size   Shipping Timeline   Min. Order Quantity
 Grey  48" x 96"   Next Business Day   None 
 All Other   All Other   3 weeks  2 



  • MLV (1 lb) sandwiched between 2 soft, durable vinyl coated fiberglass quilts to absorb noise on both sides of the enclosure or partition (blocking and absorbing)
  • Easily create indoor soundproof enclosures, room partitions, and soundproof interior walls
  • STC 29, NRC 0.75
  • Fabricated with grommets and Velcro for easy installation 
  • Temperature Range: -20° F to 180° F
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Proudly made in the USA 




 Dimensions   48" x 96" (Custom sizes available, up to 25 feet) 
 Thickness   2" (1" on each side of barrier) 
 MLV Density   1 lb per sq ft 
 Weight   1.5 lbs per sq ft 
 Colors   Grey, Tan, Black, White 
 Premium Colors   Quiet Quilt™ Premium Color Options 
 Temperature Rating   -20° F to 180° F 


*Call or Request a Quote for custom widths, lengths, thicknesses, and 2 lb MLV.
Custom notches, cutouts, vent baffles, and windows available by request 




 Color Options 

 Quiet Quilt Color Options 

 Architect CSI Spec 

 Quiet Quilt 2-Sided Sound Blanket CSI Spec 



Material Testing

Sound Transmission Class

 Frequency (Hz)








 Quiet Quilt 2-Sided Barrier Blanket - 1 lb MLV (2" thick)   12  16  27  40  44  43  29




Noise Reduction Coefficient

 Frequency (Hz)








 Quiet Quilt 2-Sided Barrier Blanket - 1 lb MLV (2" thick)   0.18   0.62   0.89   0.84   0.60   0.45   0.75 





Install Instructions

  • Use the included grommets to hang blankets with 100% coverage with overlapped edges held by the Velcro hook and loop system (2" overlap on each side of Quiet Quilt 2-Sided blanket)



Common Product Uses


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