West Coast Customs Build


Season 7 Episode 1 - Season Premiere


West Coast Customs contacted us for van sound deadening assistance with their Steampunk VW Van build.  After completing the project we received an email from Chad Utt, Operations Manager for West Coast Customs: 

"We skinned the entire vehicle floor, walls, doors, and roof with Second Skin Damplifier Pro and the Luxury Foam padding. I am blown away by how quiet and dead the sheet metal is. I would have to layer up competitor product three, four, sometimes five layers thick to achieve the same results. Awesome stuff man!!!!!"

West Coast Customs has since made Second Skin an official sponsor. This honor cannot be purchased - it is awarded only to companies that meet their high standards for quality and innovation. Thank you to West Coast Customs and we look forward to many more projects in the future!



If you want to turn your VW van into the same comfort machine made by West Coast Customs, head on over to our Steampunk VW Bus Build Kit to see what we installed.