< B Stock Luxury Liner Pro thinner foam, closer to 1/4" thick instead of 3//8" thick. Sheets are still 24" x 54" like A Stock. >

B-STOCK: Mass Loaded Vinyl

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If you're looking for our standard MLV products: check out Luxury Liner or Luxury Liner Pro

** All B-Stock MLV is currently OUT OF STOCK **


B-Stock MLV is made of the same materials as Luxury Liner/Luxury Liner Pro, but there are visual defects. These sheets will have uneven edges, small cosmetic cuts/tears, and/or slight blemishes. The products still work great, so we don't want to throw them away. We figure some members of Team Second Skin want the discount.


Luxury Liner: MLV 1lb Sheets (24" x 54" x 1/8")

  • Edges are not clean. Will have blemishes and creases
  • 1/8" thick, 1lb/sq ft mass loaded vinyl

Luxury Liner: MLV 2lb Sheets (24" x 54" x 1/4")

  • Edges are not clean. Will have blemishes and creases
  • 1/4" thick, 2lbs/sq ft mass loaded vinyl

Luxury Liner Pro: MLV + CCF Sheet (24" x 54" x 3/8")

  • Will have blemishes and creases
  • 3/8" thick sheet of fused raw virgin mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam


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