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If you're looking for our standard heat shields: check out various the Heat Shield listings.

Thermal Block

  • Highly reflective aluminum surface designed to face a heat source
  • Each heat shield is 1/8” thick and 12” x 24” (2 Sq Ft)
  • B-Stock is the same material as Thermal Block, but the crinkled aluminum didn't pass our QA standards. No aluminum defects will reduce the functioning of the heat shield.

Mega Block

  • 0.5 inch thick hydrophobic melamine foam with an aluminum foil-faced composite bonded on top
  • Lightweight, flexible, water resistant, and Class A fire rated
  • Reflects 98% of radiant energy
  • Each sheet is 24” x 24” (4 Sq Ft) and weighs about 1/2 of a pound
  • Thermal range: -40 F to 1000 F
  • Resists organic solvents, odor free, and meets smoke, fire, and toxicity standards
  • Aerospace grade foam and heat shield (R-value per inch: 4.16)
  • Made in Germany with hydrophobic process completed in the USA


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