Sound Deadening Liquid

Sound deadening liquids adhere to a vehicle’s metal surfaces to increase sound damping and reduce structural noise. By resisting sheet metal resonance, a liquid sound deadener reduces the vibrational energy generated by the car’s metal paneling and thus the noise.

Second Skin Spectrum is a water-based viscoelastic polymer formulated for peak vibration damping and adhesion. These heavy-duty acrylic polymers can be sprayed, but only using a spray gun. No aerosol can has a wide enough nozzle to spray particles big enough for effective sound deadening.

Spectrum comes in two forms: a sprayable liquid that’s the consistency of chocolate syrup and a thicker sludge the consistency of peanut butter. The gallon bucket is the same, but the Spectrum Sludge comes with an activator you need to stir in.

Spectrum is rustproof, waterproof, chemical resistant, flame resistant, non-toxic, and dries odorless with a seamless, black finish. With strong adhesive properties, this spray on sound deadener will stick to most materials besides plastic and high gloss surfaces without a primer. Use Spectrum Liquid Deadener to damp any vibrating metal panels in your car, including hard-to-reach areas like the undercarriage and inside the wheel wells.