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Get a Personalized Plan to Second Skin Your Vehicle

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Personalized Vehicle Plan - Experience the Second Skin Difference

*Second Skin is Proud to Make Our Materials In The USA*


A personalized plan built by a Second Skin expert will obliterate sound and heat in any vehicle. This plan is for you if:

1. You want the best possible results

2. You want your ride to feel and sound like it was built by West Coast Customs or Gas Monkey Garage

3. You love having an awesome plan, but would rather not put it together yourself.



What Comes in My Personalized Plan?

  • Materials List - A full iist of all materials that we'd recommend to soundproof the bejesus out of your vehicle.
  • Square Footage Breakdown - How big is my door again? Where's my tape measurer? Forget all that - we'll map out the square footage needed for each part of your vehicle.
  • Written Step-by-Step Walkthrough - Sometimes it's easier to have everything you need to remember consolidated on one sheet of paper. That's what you're getting.
  • Video Overview - We will record a video that overviews what materials we're recommending in your package, why we chose them, and how to get the most out of your install.
  • Pre-Built Online Cart - If shopping isn't your thing, let us build everything for you. Think of it like we're loading up your buggy for you, and meeting you at the register.

 And then to wrap up, we'll connect you to your personal Second Skin expert who will be here for whatever you need along the way. It's basically your personal Second Skin butler.



I want this plan!! How do I get one?!?

1. Fill out some basic information about your project on this page: the make/model of your vehicle, the noise/heat problem you want to solve, and your budget. Click Buy Now.

2. Complete checkout online. Once you finalize the purchase, the wheels are now in motion on your personalized plan.

3. Over the next business day, we will create a personalized plan for your vehicle. This plan is mapped out on a PDF and recorded in a video.

4. We email you the finished plan. The plan will include a PDF, a video, and a materials list. We do everyone on the front-end for you, so you can get everything you need with a couple clicks!


If you have any questions or want to revisit parts of the plan, we're here for you! Just contact us via phone, email, or chat and we can talk through any questions and make changes as needed!