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Acoustic Pro™ Anchorage Ceiling Clouds

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Acoustic Pro™ Ceiling Cloud


The Acoustic Pro™ Ceiling Cloud allows you to suspend your fabric wrapped panels from the ceilingto reduce echo and reverberations in your space. Built to last and beautiful enough for any home or office, these designer quality acoustic panels combine elegance with top-end acoustical performance. Each sound absorbing panel comes with the Rotofast Ceiling Cloud Anchor system for the fastest and easiest install.



 Designer Selected Acoustical Ceiling Cloud


  • Improve sound quality and speech intelligibility by reducing reverberations and echoes
  • Designer selected Anchorage fabric from Guilford of Maine
  • Hardened edges for better durability and crisper appearance
  • Choose between 8 colors, 1" or 2" thickness, and square or rectangular panel
  • Class A fire rated
  • Rotofast cloud anchors included with every order for easy install
  • Made in the USA 



Product Specifications

  • Panel Sizes: Square (24" x 24"), Rectangle (24" x 48")
  • Thickness: 1", 2" 
  • Edge: Square edge
  • Colors: Neutral, Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown (see color chart)
  • Fire Rating: Class A (ASTM E84)
  • Installation: Rotofast Cloud Anchors included

Download the Acoustic Pro Wall & Ceiling Panel Spec Sheet

Noise Reduction Coefficient


 Frequency (Hz)  125   250   500   1000   2000   4000   NRC 
 1" Acoustic Pro™ Fabric Wrapped Panel   0.14   0.27   0.80   1.11   1.14   1.14   0.85 
 2" Acoustic Pro™ Fabric Wrapped Panel  0.22   0.81   1.24   1.30   1.21   1.16   1.15 







Why should I choose a fabric wrapped panel over other types of sound absorption?

Fabric wrapped panels are more effective, durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing when compared to other acoustic materials. The only other product that can make sense in some situations is acoustic foam. Acoustic foam and acoustic panels will both absorb sound, but you'll need 2x the foam - 2" of foam is as effective as the 1" version of Acoustic Pro fabric wrapped panel. Most foams are not Class A fire rated, and are not durable enough to take the daily exposure to... people. Foam works for recording studios, because people respect the walls. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen many children respect walls in a home.


How many acoustic panels do I need?

It depends on the room - mainly the height of the ceilings, the overall size, and the types of walls. For your standard small-to-mid sized room, a good rule of thumb is the "40% Rule". Multiply the length by the width of the room to get the square footage. Square Footage x 40% = the square footage of coverage you need for acoustic panels. We made a calculator for you (blue section halfway down the Acoustic Pro wall panel page) or you can read more in our article answering the question... "how many acoustic panels do I need"? For most applications, we recommend installing acoustic panels on the wall in addition to hanging from the ceiling.


Should I go with the 1" or the 2" thick panels?

A thicker panel will perform better absorbing low-frequency noises that has a more "rumbly" sound. Thicker panels are preferred for mechanical and industrial noise as well as music with bass. If you have limited square footage to apply acoustic fabric panels, going with 2" panels is a way you can "cheat up" your sound absorption to get better results with less coverage.


Why would I hang the acoustic panel instead of installing it directly on the wall?

There are several reasons you might rather hang an acoustic panel as a "ceiling cloud". The first is performance. An acoustic panel that has air space behind it will absorb more sound, especially helpful for reducing lower frequency noise. The second is to simplify the install. With certain substrates like metal, it's sometimes easiest just to hang sound absorption panels with a wire or cable. And then third, for aesthetics! Sometimes you just gotta do what looks good!



How to Install Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Recommended Install Method: Rotofast Cloud Anchor

Install Locations: home, office, conference room, restaurant, house of worship, home theater, recording studio, classroom, auditorium, gymnasium


Steps to Install with Rotofast Cloud Anchors


  1. Turn the Rotofast Cloud Anchors to screw them into the back of the Acoustic Pro™ Ceiling Cloud until flush with the back of the panel.
  2. Attach your choice of hanging hardware. (wires, cables, chains)
  3. Hang the Acoustic Pro™ Ceiling Cloud from the ceiling.


For more detailed install instructions, see our guide on hanging acoustical panels.


CAD Drawing of Shape Panel Dimensions 

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